Handle Mods


Rick Bartlett

New member
Found the Fireplace handles here...
ereplacementparts.com Replacement Fireplace Handles

Nice! I thought for a quantity of one that was pricey, but seein the discussion you get two and that's a great price.:cool:

I built mine using flat metal stock and some plastic Weber handles for cheaper BUT those look a whole lot nicer and I would have gone that route if I saw them. Thanks for posting the link.!!
bought some for wsm. the handles are orange...having the metal part painted black, then adding dark ebony wood handles...it will look sweeeeet...
Hoping for some assistance finding this item #61486 or an alternative to this.
Want to add a retro style handle to a WSM and this would be perfect, except it appears to be discontinued. As is the Handle Assembly #80554. Not concerned about the wood handle as I will be replacing them with different wood and preserving my original wood handle. Looking for the metal bracket(s).