Grill Out Times: Volume 07 Issue 1 - Spring 2001


Chris Allingham

Staff member
Grill Out Times: Volume 7 Issue 1 - Spring 2001

In this issue:

  • Lessons Learned: Hot Pants are Out - Mike admits to setting his polyester pants on fire while woking on a Weber grill at a Milwaukee demo.
  • A feature on granulated garlic.
  • Grilling and food safety tips.
  • Short article on marinades, sauces, and rubs.
  • Recipes for dry-rubbed porterhouse with barbecue steak sauce, ice cream sandwiches, twice-grilled potatoes, boiler maker barbecue sauce, and breakfast pizza.
  • Schedule for upcoming Summer School classes in grilling.
  • A feature on backyard hero and reader Jim O'Brien of Rochester, MA.
  • Another plug for the cookbook Weber's Big Book of Grilling.
I want to offer a big TVWBB thank you to Eugene Apicella for providing this issue for our collection.