Grill Out Times: Volume 03 Issue 3 - Fall/Winter 1997


Chris Allingham

Staff member
Grill Out Times: Volume 3 Issue 3 - Fall/Winter 1997

In this issue:

  • Cuddling Up with Comfort Food: Mike discusses grilled comfort foods, "the kind of food you need on a cold or windy day, after a long day of travel, or at the end of an exhausting workweek."
  • Visit the World Wide Weber "for great indoor grilling adventures where the weather is always perfect".
  • Adventures in Grilling: A customer named Chris shares his secret for perfect whole chickens and turkeys on his Weber kettle: a pop-up timer and Mag-Lite flashlight.
  • Rough Weather Tactics: Tips for cold weather cooking "if you aren't willing to go months without a meal cooked on your Weber Grill".
  • The Grill as Hearth: Expert Betty Hughes covers 40,000 years of grilling history, from caveman to George Stephen.
  • Recipes for whole turkey, turkey breast, Yankee pot roast, cheddar & garlic smashed potatoes, garden-spiced Belgian endive & radicchio, grilled apple strudel, and grilled apples.
  • Customer Service Manager Barbara Cann offers cold weather cooking tips for your charcoal and gas grill.
  • Get accessories like The Ultimate Rib Kit, The Global Grilling Kit, The Rub à Trois Kit, and the Grilling Basics Gift Kit.
  • Order form for all accessories featured in this issue.
I want to offer a big TVWBB thank you to Andy for providing this issue for our collection.