Greetings from The Netherlands!



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Hello everybody.

as per request, a short introduction. Name is Michael Goldfinger and I live in The Netherlands. 45 years old and grew up BBQing. Currently own a fully restored Weber Genesis E-320, as well as a Summit Platinum D6 which I just purchased as a new restoration project (see my other thread).

Personally prefer Gas based BBQs due to there easy on/off features; busy live :)

Here to learn and share.




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Good day,

Dont really have a favoriete but i often grill lamb chops, burgers, steaks, fish (on ciderwood), veggies, and the occasional tomahawk. Chicken not so much; actual prefer an airfryer for chicken :). Pork we (read: my wife) dont eat, so no ribs.


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Welcome Michael.

I had the pleasure of visiting "Holland" or The Netherlands twice. Once in the 1960s during winter and again in the 80s during summer. Beautiful country.

edit: I looked to see when the name "changed" but I guess it never really "changed". I grew up knowing the country as Holland, but now that I read why it is called Netherlands it makes sense.

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You are correct @DanHoo ;)
Esp people coming from the south don't like the name Holland. They tend to prefer the Netherlands, which is the official name anyway (well Nederland actually)