Green Lightning Shrimp


Joel Kiess

TVWBB All-Star
I mentioned in my Smoke Day 2007 post that I made this recipe from Steven Raichlen: Green Lightning Shrimp It's always a hit when we make it.

I make it without the skewers. Instead, I use a grill top basket/wok thing and just toss the shrimp - with two pounds, I did them in two batches. Monitor very closely so as to not overcook. Go until just done, and let the carry over finish the job. Also, I skipped the butter basting this time, but reserved a bit of the marinade (from before the shrimp went in) to drizzle over the cooked shrimp.
Ok....... I tried the recipe as written!
Excellent shrimp, great tast. I will definitly make again.

A few things I'd change:

1.) DO NOT change the marinade or garlic-celantro butter recipes!

2.) I'd used Kingsford instead of lump. My fire was too hot and not very controlable. On the show thay used a gas grill.

3.) Use metal skewers (the ones Weber sells with the two prongs). My skewers were on fire. (yes I soaked them)

4.) Maybe use larger shrimp (I used the 16-20 count per pound.

Anyone else try the recipe??

These were great for my Police Concert Tailgate.... be careful don't marinate too long... 1/2 hour to 45 min. was perfect for my people. Nice heat to them!

I did them on my Q medium high setting.

I used soaked wood skewers and used two at a time as I do with all shrimp so they don't twirl and flip easily.

I basted with a little butter and a quick spray of pam.

I would make them again! Next time I would do 4 shrimp per skewer.. then they would have lasted longer...
I just made it last weekend and I thought it was very good. Nice heat and the garlic/cilantro butter was a nice finish. I have Raichlen's skewers, the flat stainless ones they work great. The food does not spin and you don't have to worry about burning them.