Gotta check alarm page........everytime



Started a cook last night 6 pm, pork butt

Woke up 3am , looked at phone,. Temp was 160

Had a high alarm enabled at 160....with a 160 setpoint.

Been holding 160 nice for 2 hrs.....

I should have checked alarm page.....but why would alarms from a cook or whatever need to be preserved for next cook? I don't remember having this issue on any previous cooks.....I don't even know where that alarm came from. Last thing I cooked was a brisket before this. Nor have I ever knowingly programmed that alarm.....

I might have programmed alarm at 160 to get me up to wrap brisket.....but not to hold the setpoint there.
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AFAIK.... those are stored. My alarm thresholds have always persisted through reboots and power-off cycles.

Bryan Mayland

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Yeah all configuration persists across reboots. You can tell if alarms are enabled for a probe because it has a little bell icon on the home page. There's no way the system can get confused and configure the setpoint to change on alarm unless you set one in the alarms screen. They're also stored in two different places (the alarm threshold and the alarm setpoint action) so it isn't like one can leak into another.


A lot of things get input I don't intend....with tiny screen...big finger...and slow phone or tablet that changes screen right as touch a point on screen....I find phone on in pocket with screen on and on random webpages occassionally...sometimes a stack of many layered windows that been opened