Good deals coming up from ThermoWorks



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No, they don't. But I've passed along many gently used ThermoWorks products to family and friends over the years when I wanted the latest and greatest. That always makes me very popular. ;)
I’ve done the same, it’s the first thing I tell people who want to Q, you need to know your temps.

Brian (Mass.)

I can't say exactly what, but stay tuned for my posts to this subforum. Some of the really good stuff will be going on sale soon. :D
Post a link for the SMOKE on sale now 40% off!! :)
I THINK this is how you post them for you to get credit :)

PS...Buying one from this link

Brian (Mass.)

BTW I have noticed an unusual bug with Thermoworks...When you add items to your cart it always seems to add TWO...and you have to change it back to 1...