Go-Anywhere Gas Grill with Marlboro wooden handles


J Robb

TVWBB Member
Picked this up on Facebook Marketplace for $10! I’ve never seen a Marlboro Weber grill, didn’t know they were made. I really wasn’t looking for a grill but I figured for $10 it has 3 wood handles in good condition. I’m contemplating sanding off the Marlboro emblems.



Brad Olson

TVWBB Diamond Member
I wonder if it was some kind of a promotional item years ago...send in so many UPCs from Marlboro cartons and get a grill.

George Curtis

TVWBB Olympian
Check all the openings for spider webs, etc. If it still wont light, check the schrader valve and the outlet jet. If still no go then the regulator is bad. On your handles, lightly sand them and then spray them with the spar varnish. They will look great for a long time.