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Bryan Mayland

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I thought of those but they're pretty expensive ($40+) compared to just a 7AH UPS battery ($20). The capacities are a bit misleading too, since a 7AH 12V battery gives you 7AH at 12V and the lithium jump starters are at 3.7V, so an 8000mAh pack is actually 2466mAh at 12V and probably closer to 2000mAh after boost efficiency conversion. They also might have built-in cutoffs to prevent them from being used continuously at 12V output. The problem with the 12V UPS battery is that you need a lead-acid charger as well so there is a definite advantage on the jump packs there.
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Do you have the fusion link for "adapter.stl" ? I was gonna make a little tpu plug so I can remove the damper when I am done cooking, and plug up the intake to snuff out the fire.

I do not, but I could set it up pretty quickly this afternoon. I'll update once I have it made.

Joe Widmayer

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Your right. Those jumper packs are good for surge but maybe not continuous as we need. I bought a bunch of different connectors for them. The main one that comes with it to jump the car is ill suited as it has safeguards in it that will probably interfere with low power, continuous.
I switched from the SLA jumper boxes to the smaller LiPo ones. I park old cars in airport parking lots. Nothing worse than a dead battery late at night with no one around.