Found my new grill!


T Waite

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Went to the air show today, and there it was!


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Barb D

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We could sure have a big party, just a little to big for our back yard even the from yard!!:eek:

T Waite

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Went to Johnsonville's website and found this info:

The Big Taste Grill is 20 feet tall, a whopping 65 feet long and 6 feet in diameter. Just to park it you need a space that is 20 feet by 90 feet!

The 6,000 pound lid with an 8-foot handle is opened using a hydraulic system, giving access to 440,000 BTUs, which is needed to grill the 1/2 ton of Johnsonville Brats held in the onboard fridge.

The Big Taste Grill can cook 2,500 brats an hour or 750 bratwurst at a time on its 40 square feet of grilling surface. That's enough to keep a festival satisfied for a while!

The Big Taste Grill sports hot and cold running water, a huge clean-up sink and a frosty cold refrigeration unit.

To give the chefs plenty of room to move about as they grill the flavorful sausage, the grill has a 4 foot aluminum walkway along its border.