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Erich B Meyer

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Happy New Year BBQ Brothers and Sisters, Greetings from a dedicated Weber "fanboy" located in North Vancouver BC who loves all things "Weber".

I caught the BBQ bug about 20 years ago when I moved into a Condo that allowed BBQ's, previous strata's had not. My first Grill was an LP Broil King, I loved the heat that thing produced, instant maillard reaction, indirect heat/grilling not so much. Moved up to NG Weber S-330 with front controls a few years after we moved into our house and were able to install an outdoor NG connection. Still have it and still loving it, replaced the flavourizer bars a few times and it is in serious need of new heat plates. Burners are ok, running a bit rich, have adjusted the air vents, nice and blue for a few cooks and then back to orange, maybe time for new burners. To much junk in the tubes? After almost 10 years the igniters still work on all burners. Grill year round, 3 - 4 times per week.

Purchased a used 22" Kettle and a few years ago, and each cook is a new adventure. Now able to dial in the temp to 250 - 275F pretty consistently, keep the creosote taste to a minimum and learned very quickly to clean it as soon as it is cool enough. It has been challenging to produce a consistent product and many times I have thought about putting the protein on the grill and sitting back and enjoying the hours of stable temp. But each cook the results are a bit better than the last, I will keep at it. Just love the process and the finished product too much to stop now.

Regularly Grill or Smoke the following with generally good results
Thighs, Legs with back attached, Whole (Beer Can) and spatchcocked
Ribs, Pork Baby Backs and Beef Short Ribs
Tri-Tip, Rib-Eye, Tenderloin (current favorite, around here price per LB is less than a Rib Eye), Striploin, Rib Roast (also favorite)
Pork Shoulder
Turkey at Christmas
Sausages, Burgers, Hot Dogs, Pizza
Wild Salmon on the grill, use the Big Chief if smoking salmon
Daughter has a Crustacean Allergy so no "Shrimp on the Barbie" here.

Work in progress

Like to make my own sauces and rubs
Favorite wood, Apple, I play it safe
Kingsford Blue, I play it safe
Red or White, Red

Grilling and smoking Equipment
22" Kettle
Konro Grill for Yakitori, Japanese Binchotan
Big Chief Smoker
Flower Pot Charcoal Grill

Want a 22" WSM, looking for one to come up on Craigslist, or might just bite the "bullet" and buy new.

The threads on this Forum relating to restoring an older Weber have inspired me to consider looking for a fixer upper with side controls.
Currently looking for a used S310 or E320 with front controls.

Looking forward to 2020 and all wonderful cooks/meals that are ahead.

Keep on Smokin,
Brgds Erich


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Hi Erich, great post, and WELCOME. Sounds like you will fit right in here. The people here are very nice, friendly and very smart. They can answer just about any question you may have about your grills.

I am also a great believer in making our own spice rubs and sauces. I also love to post recipes. Just ask away. lol
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Timothy F. Lewis

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Welcome Erich!
You are going to have a great time here, Chris is a benevolent host of the site and allows us to have a pretty good time!
I fully agree with doing it yourself too!

Bob H.

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Welcome to the forum Erich! Before you buy a 22" WSM, maybe try the standard one first, unless you always want to smoke a LOT of meat......