Flat on my new 14.5 WSM


Derrick H

I took advantage of the Amazon Warehouse deal on the 14.5" WSM a few weeks back. This was my first cook on it. Got a flat from the store and smoked it up!!!

Box was a bit beat up

There it is!


Found this little camping table at a local shop, a lifesaver

After resting...



Takeaways -
The 14.5 WSM got up to temperature seemingly much faster than my 18.5 and obviously less fuel. The temps were much more steady and this was a windy day. Maybe the smaller surface area is effected as much by the wind or it could have just been my imagination, haha!
I kept the flat on too long and it was a bit on the dry side. Taste was great, just not as juicy as I am used to. Have to keep an eye on it better next time.
Buying the 14.5 was definitely a good call. I can save on fuel costs and just a lot less effort than firing up his big brother.
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Looks good Derrick! (only your outside photo threw me off - no white stuff on the ground)
There's so much to like about the 14.5"er.

There used to be a place in Spring - the Spring Cafe? - that had a really good hamburger. Restaurant in a house maybe? Is that still there? It's been a long time since I was down there.

Enjoy the new smoker. Pete
Looks juicy in the sliced picture! Maybe just let it rest a little bit longer before slicing? It really looks good in the pictures, not overdone at all to me. I thinking seriously about the little smoker. And getting hungry looking at your pictures!
Many times a dry brisket is under cooked, as strange as that sounds. I also got the Amazon deal and am very impressed with the little guy.

Your brisket looks great to me. We are always very critical on ourselves. I'll bet anyone that tries it will love it. We get spoiled with good bbq.
Thanks everyone. I definitely going to take me a few cooks to get used to the 14.5, though I really like the smaller size. Makes more sense to use that one most of the time. As far as the brisket, I probably was being too hard on myself and J Hoke is right, I probably could have left it on a bit longer. Can't wait to fire it up again.
Nice cook. How much did the brisket weigh? I like it!

I have a couple of those same tables. I use the tables, jumbo joe, and 14.5" in the RV.
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Hmmm, I"m getting more and more sold on that unit. At first it just seemed way too small, but it seems to have some real uses. Thank you!!
Those little 14.5 look like a prime candidate for creative homebuilt tables to get them comfortably up off the ground.
Nice brisket and sausage too!