First time posting and about to whinge...

Neal Matthews

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I went to all the trouble of getting a relative in the US to ship over a Cajun Bandit door (I’m in Australia). After putting it on my brand new WSM all it seems to do effectively is chip the enamel off the bottom of the access doorway, not a good design.

Anybody else have this issue?
Not happy $160 is about to go in the bin.


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That is its "strengths".
Bending the original Weber door can help a bit.
There have been a few posts on how to make your own gasket with sealer and a few tips.

Chris Allingham

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I love a good whinge! I try to have a good one every day, if possible. Sometimes two. :D

Yes, it's a known issue. I don't think everyone has the problem, it may depend on an imperfection in the curvature of your middle cooking section and/or the door.

The door opening on the 22" WSM has been problematic for Weber from the beginning. When they stamp an opening of that size in the flat metal and then roll it and weld it, the area above and below the opening becomes less stable. Originally in 2009 the opening was square at top and bottom, in 2010 they arched the top of the opening to increase the stability of that area, but they couldn't do that at the bottom because of the door going into the square opening.

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Neal Matthews

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Hello Chris,

I think you are right! The shape of my cooker might be impacting the closing of my CB door as it fits my older WSM.
I’m just very fussy about my BBQ gear staying in primo condition and seeing that enamel chip away set me off and the huge effort to get the door to Australia...wasn’t cheap.

BTW, absolute love this site, an absolute wealth of knowledge, wish I found it years ago.

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