First Cheese!


Well, we got a nice cool, cloudy morning here in Sunny Scottsdale; so it's time for the Cheese!

I have nice memories of a smoked Gouda that my dad used to get from a local cider mill every fall when I was a kid in Michigan. So this HAD to be done.

Some fresh Gouda (duh!), Emmentaler (Swiss), and sharp White Cheddar is on the menu today! I used my new Xmas pellet tube with about a 50% load of a mix of Hickory, Maple, and Cherry:

On the WSM around 8:20AM with ice in the water pan:

I wasnt sure about how long to let it go, but I didn't want to overdo it the first time out. I let it go for 2.5 hours and then pulled it when the WSM temp hit 75F. The sun was peaking out and I didn't want to get any melting. BTW, that tube only burned about half the pellets in 2.5 I am sure I can get 8-10 hours out of that thing easily.

Into the Ziploc to cool overnight, then I'll slap them into individual bags tomorrow for at least 2 weeks. I nipped off a bit from the white Cheddar and it was really nice. I am looking forward to what type of flavor I get after it mellows for a few weeks!

And I don't want to forget a solid shout out to both Clint and Chris for their posts that gave me the guidance to do it. How do I leave it alone for 2 weeks? GAWD!


Jim Strickland

Excellent job and nice post. I live in Michigan so I frequent the Erie Apple Orchard every fall with my family. It'll be a chore to not sample the fruits of your labor. Enjoy!


TVWBB Olympian
I vac sealed them on the 10th and today I was, like, has it been 2 weeks yet? :p
Just do more next time!

I found a few blocks of Swiss & sharp white cheddar in the back of my fridge - I thought it was all gone. It wasn't vac bagged, and there was no moisture in the bag, so the paper towels (3-4 halves) did their job. I pulled out the old paper towels and put in some new.

My cousin took up a small wedge of smoked gouda skiing today - it wasn't "smoked" like Costco's (artificially), it was smoked like what you just did. It was obviously different & good, I bet you'll love yours & I'll have to try smoking some gouda too.

Glad you did it!

edit:>>>> nice color on those blocks - you definitely smoked it!

Jim Strickland

Well Ken l gave the cheese smoking a go Saturday. Smoked for 2.5 hrs and didn't get above 82 F at the grate. I didn't use ice because it was 38 F outside. I wrapped in Saran Wrap tight then put in freezer bags and stored in the refrigerator. Smelled and looked good but l resisted the temptation to sample. It's going to be a long 4 weeks.