First (and now second) cooks - Loving It!!



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After putting together my HM + adapt-a-damper the last couple of days, my first cook is currently underway on a Kamado Joe Classic.

Loaded up with charcoal, lit using three starter cubes, loaded the grill and heat deflectors and closed the lid straight away i.e. using the HM to stoke the fire.

Currently trying the following settings as per:
P: 2.5
I: 0.035
D: 6
Fan: on above 40%, min 0%, max 50%, startup max 90%

So far very steady at 397F set point, daisy wheel half open.

Love it!!


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Sorry - better add a pic of the finished product! Maple & chipotle roast chicken.

... And the PID graph - or at least the last 40 mins of the cook (I accidentally deleted the start up graph).


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Larry Naylor

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Curtis Don't think you could do better with your settings i may have to try those. Good looking yard bird. Was surprised by the time posted till i remembered where you are. So while we sleep you BBQ what a great world we live in.
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Second cook turned out even better. I updated to the latest snapshot, and set up the new "lid open" function, thanks Bryan. Hardware wise, I rewired to keystone using a proper pushdown tool, and replaced the overly large 1 watt 100k ohm ceramic resistor I bought with a much smaller 0.5W 100k ohm metallic resistor, as well a straightening out my slightly wonky ethernet socket. Lovely.

On to the cook itself, I originally set the pit for 300F, then re-read the method, and reduced the set temp to 250F. The first dip on the graph was a genuine "lid open event" when I put the lamb on, the second dip was a quick 8 second "peek" where I was showing my wife the state of play.

All in all *very* impressive control from the HM. This BBQ is now more accurate & controllable than our electric oven!

Roast lamb from mum's farm done "Dolly style" (, including the board sauce.


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Bryan Mayland

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Awesome. Thanks for reporting about the lid mode. I am happy to hear it at least works for one person other than me, and hopefully I'll be able to figure out what's causing the problem for others.

Nice tight graph there too. My grill has a more consistent temperature than my oven as well!


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Needless to say I've been singing the HM's praises to all and sundry - could be more business coming your way.

So pleased to have gone HM in deference to any of the commercial offerings due to it being open source, DIY, fully user servicable (important here in NZ) & near infinite customisation. And did I mention cost effective?

Larry Naylor

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I agree with you Curtis about the HM. Great fun project and Bryan is so nice to work with. I used your settings on a Chuck roast Sunday and had a straight line graph for the 2.t hour cook and 2 hour more for a test. I think Byran has a post on the lid open I'll have to look for.