External 14.5 heat shield?


Paul Pearson

I just got my 14.5 WSM on a Walmart clearance sale over the weekend and did the first cook on it Saturday night. I set it right on the ground in the back yard and it scorched the grass all the way to the ground. Has anyone made a heat shield to mimic the ones on the new 18.5 and the 22.5?

I'm thinking I could cut a triangle out of sheetmetal with square tabs on the ends and then bend the tabs up and bolt/screw/rivet the shield to the legs to create an air gap.


TVWBB Olympian
Put it on anything with an air gap. A metal pan turned over will do the same thing. :)
I like to set up on stable grounds like concrete. Grass can be unstable, better IMO to set it on a large paver or metal pan.:wsm:


Paul Pearson

I should have used pavers, I usually do with my 18.5 but I guess I was too jacked up about using the new 14.5 and forgot to get them out lol.
My 18" doesn't have the shield and I had the same experience on my first burn. I put it on my wood deck and the air gap took care of the problem. The wood barely gets warm.

Mike Cout

TVWBB Member
If you're concerned you can do what my buddy did and throw a few tiles down on the wood. Of course, he had leftovers from doing his kitchen/bathroom.