EX4 vs Traeger 575 ?


Jeff Padell

I have been considering a pellet smoker. Currently I have a WSM 22 and 14, haven't used the 22 in about 5 years as it is just 3 of us and the 14 fits the bill. Also have a Silver B and Genesis Gold. I am going to be getting rid of the 22 and probably the Silver B.
My sister-in-law raves about their SF EX4, they have 2, one in PA and one in FL.

I am leaning towards the SF but the thing I like about the Traeger and don't laugh, well you can laugh if you want, but I like the chimney of the side, it makes it look like a steam locomotive and I love trains!
I know that is a dumb reason to consider it, but I have also seen it lister very highly in different ratings. I will have my Genesis Gold right next to the smoker and can use that for searing. Due to the startup time on the 14, takes me about an hour to get a stable temp to start smoking a pellet would start faster also easier to keep stable. They have never seared with it and clean it after every use and rave about it.
The wife doesn't like a lot of smoke, and sometimes with the 14 I get SMOKE...

I am in a quandary as to which to get ( I have always loved Webers.

Did I mention I really like the chimney ROFL


C Lewis

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While I haven't had a Traeger, I've had two other pellet cookers in addition to my Smokefire EX6, and I prefer the Smokefire. The other were pellet "cookers", whereas the EX6 is a pellet "grill". The smoke flavor will be milder compared to the WSMs in my opinion, but of the 3, the Smokefire has had the most smoke flavor, and also has the ability to sear.

In regards to the chimney, I prefer the cleaner look of the Smokefire without the chimney, but you will have to note that you will get a lot of smoke coming out of the back, if you have it up against anything, and it will stain.

I have had 64 cooks on mine in about 3 months, and have been very happy.

Hope this helps,


Darryl - swazies

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My wife also doesn’t like a ton of smoke, I recently bought peach and use it mainly on chicken and that was a game changer. Thighs recently was the “ best ever “ and it was a pretty heavy smoke.
I had an old traeger pellet for about 10 years and sold it to the old man who seems to like it a lot. I moved to many Weber’s and I like this a ton more. My 22 kettle can do anything and I recently purchased and E6 so I can take care of anything that is needed. I can get the kettle or the E6 ready to go in 15 minutes and basically get as much smoke as I want or need. I don’t know a lot about the new pellet grills but the tech on them has improved a lot....great jerky machines for sure, I will give them that 100%.


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Darryl - swazies

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Also, like I said I don’t know a lot about the new ones, but my older machine would in no way produce smoke flavour like I can get now.

Lew Newby

If you will assemble it correctly (BILT app), operate it correctly, and learn it's quirks the EX4 will serve you well. I started with a Rec Tec portable, picked up a used Camp Chef and put a Rec Tec controller in it. After I wrung out my Smokefire I got rid of all my other outdoor cookers. My EX6 has done all of my outdoor cooking for the last year and finished every cook. It can be cantankerous (software) but it gives great flavor to the food and still continues to give smoke flavor at 400 degrees. My other 2 grills ran out of smoke at 300. I know folks say that it has to be cleaned after every cook but I've cleaned mine 3 times in a year. People started saying that it had to be cleaned after every cook way beck in April 2020. Not many users really understood this grill back then and I think Weber perpetuated that myth to divert attention from their flawed software. The sale is on and you have a 100 day money back guarantee so it's a great time to pull the trigger..

Jon Tofte

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For me, my interest and expectations for getting an EX-4 to augment my full-size Recteq RT-700 would be 95% low and slow bbq. I would probably have fun with it now and then doing steaks, but I have my Weber gas grills, a Weber CharQ, and a PK to do that, not to mention that Weber kettles will also do that just fine. What I am impressed with in the SmokeFire - based on what has been posted here - is that the innovative design (even if it brings some challenges) allows more smoke to reach your food than on a “regular” pellet grill like my Recteq.

It is very disappointing that there are still issues with the software but even more alarming that people are already reporting serious rust problems. I am still very tempted by this sale, and I will always be a “Weber guy,” but I am starting to think i should wait and see what Recteq rolls out next. They are overdue for a new model. I think it will also be an advanced design, but my bet is that they are testing the daylights out of prototypes to be sure to avoid a horrible rollout like Weber had with the SmokeFire.

Jeff Padell

The smokefire has a 100 day test period and a better warranty then traeger.

Yes but do you have to pay to ship it back ? that could get expensive!

My local Ace sells them but doesn't display them, only Traegers. I asked about the 100 day money back and they said they don't do that you would have to ship it back to Weber...

Andy Harrington

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Yes but do you have to pay to ship it back ? that could get expensive!

My local Ace sells them but doesn't display them, only Traegers. I asked about the 100 day money back and they said they don't do that you would have to ship it back to Weber...
From what other members have said in threads they pick it up directly, you do nothing.

Jeff Padell

makes me think about getting one with the intention of sending it back the end of September, but that is not right. Sort of like buying a camera to photograph a vacation and then returning when you are back.

Shane - glitchy

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If you do cover grills, those chimneys are a pain. I‘ve had 3 Traegers and 2 SmokeFires and have neither anymore. Traegers are just fine, but there’s a lot better bang for the buck out there in CampChef, Recteq, Grilla, etc. I didn’t dump Traeger because they were junk, just wanted different things, like one was size, another was before they had WiFi and everyone else did, etc.

For the price range, I haven’t seen anything else that competes with the SmokeFire when it works well. It’s just that how moody it is depends on current firmware, how you are using it, what pellets you use, and how tolerant you are.

Jon Tofte

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Yeah, covering my Recteq back when it sat on my deck in Florida was an exercise in frustration. Now in Indiana I keep it uncovered in my garage - at least as long as I can get away with it!

I know we have beaten this to death, but the SmokeFIre is a pellet grill with no easy comparison. The use of flavorizer bars allowing smoke and heat directly up into the food I think is great - as long as everything is working. We've seen some awesome looking results that prove that. But, everything does NOT always work, at least it seems that way. Continual complaints about software, still some uncertainties about cleaning, use of pans, etc. - not to mention grease fires and flying ash - and now complaints about rust. Even saying all that, I STILL am interested!

On the other hand, I have said before and still think, Recteq has to be getting close to a new flagship pellet grill to take the place of the current tried and true - but maybe getting long in the tooth - RT-700 "Bull." Recteq can't afford a similar rollout fiasco like Weber had with the SmokeFIre. Hopefully, they will roll out an innovative new pellet grill with the issues worked out BEFORE it is released.


Sadly I have heard that the Recteq owners recently sold a significant interest to a private equity group. Supposedly the original owners will still be the management team. However, I have worked for a wonderful company that was bought out by private equity. They are no longer the wonderful company they used to be. I sure hope that Recteq avoids that fate...

I guess it is just too tempting for start-up owners to cash out a big chunk of their equity for the financial security of them and their families. But seeing Weber today, I always wonder what it would have been like if George could have passed the baton on and that it stayed a family company. I hope Recteq doesn't start acting more like Weber but instead keeps the family-owned charm. In the early days the owners even gave you their personal cell phone numbers!