EX 4 or Ex6


Kevin L (NKY)

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If you were to buy again knowing what know now would you buy the 4 or the 6?
How many do you cook for daily.
PA I did not do a search on this question as it was asked about a mo th ago but if anyone has a updated opinion I would be glad to hear it.
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Entirely dependent on how many you’re cooking for and what you’re making. If you cook for groups regularly, get the 6. If you routinely cook large items, say a packer and a butt or two, or maybe more than 4 racks of ribs, get the 6.

If it’s you and maybe one or two others, 4. Don’t typically cook large items, get the 4.

I have the 6. It’s myself, the old lady, 6 kids, and my parents for holidays and birthdays and such. I’ll likely add the 4 for times when it’s just burgers and smaller things.

No regrets. One of the best cookers I’ve ever used and I use it the most.
I have the EX6, I can't imagine not having it, however I've not used the EX4. I don't like a crowded grill. There's now only 2 of us, but I rarely just cook for 2, it's more often 3 or more
The EX6. I only cook for two but have big cookouts a few times a year. With a 6 you will never have to wish you went bigger. Good luck with your decision, either way you can't go wrong.
Thanks for your input the 6 is a great grill and even if you only did need the size a few times a year you be ready.
Bigger is better, and thanks again.
The only real advantage to the EX4 is it uses less pellets. So if you are cooking on a budget or cooking small meals many times a week, the savings of the EX4. But I would go for 6 again and the newest generation.
I normally cook for two on my 4. I’ve had an 8 lb butt, 5 lb chicken and two racks of loinbacks on with no problems avoiding getting undercooked chicken dripping on the other meat. It’s a great cooker. I’d like to have a 6, but I have a WSM, a kettle, Smokey joe, traeger ranger and recently sold my backwoods party. i can cover a large crowd without the 6