Ever Wonder What Happens if You forget to Turn your Q Off?

I still burn off my grates after cooking, but have learned to set a 10 minute timer on my Fitbit watch for this exact reason! 😂
Yeah, that's happened to me one too many times. I shut the propane off at the grill and off at the tank when I bring the food in and do the burn-off during start up. I don't leave a grill unattended, too much of a fire risk for me.
Definitely agree. At best, you can waste a lot of propane (a LOT!). Don't dwell on the worst. After this happening to me too many times, I've worked hard to develop the habit of turning off the burners and then turning off at the tank. Than can be a hard habit to develop, but well worth it even in the best scenario. The propane will stay in the lines all the way to the grill, so no delays when starting the next cook as there are when starting a new tank.
I wonder how many people melted their q side tables, Forgetting to unfold them . I definitely forgot about setting off the gas but never melted my side tables