Do you compete or cater?


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Hi again, Jaime,

Outside of writing your books & promoting them, do you cater, compete, host classes &/or etc.?


Chris Allingham

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Jamie, I remember you've done a number of classes, including Weber Grill Academy classes in the last few years and a series of classes in 2005 in conjunction with the Real Grilling book. Any plans for upcoming classes in 2017?

Jamie Purviance

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I do like to teach. It's fun and helpful to see firsthand what areas within grilling and barbecue people want to improve. I don't have any classes schedule yet for this year, though I am sure I will teach a few. I post those types of events on my public Facebook page: I'm also organizing some special dinners at barbecue restaurants around the US like Joe's Kansas City Bar-B-Que and the Weber Grill Restaurant in Chicago, and I plan to do some teaching during the course of those dinners. Oh, there is another special Weber dinner at The Left Bank in Larkspur, CA, for all you Bay Area people. Check my Facebook page for details. As for catering and competing, those things take so much time and I'm short on time as it is. Maybe I'll do those in my retirement ....