Couple of mods on an 18


Andy Kaminski

I’ve added a few mods this last couple days on my wsm.
The other day I put some simple garage door handles and a new temp gauge on it.
I found some old chrome faucet handles at the recycle center and grabbed some for vent handles. I’ll probably swap those out but who knows.
Today I put the Cajun Bandit wheels/barrel locks and a hinge for the lid.

The wheels and barrel locks are a really nice upgrade.
Where I’m at it’s a safety factor that was needed.

The lid hinge looks nice is a nice upgrade.
It did come in warped due to the welds pulling it out of fit so I did have to bend both pieces quite a bit.
I current have minimal tools up here so I didn’t really appreciate having to cave man it.
As an old steamfitter that know how weld I wouldn’t have left this uncorrected.
It does look nice and work well so I am happy.

Here is a couple pics.
Andy, I’m the same way, if something is “off” it will make me cranky until I get it right! Crazy is my normal but cranky is not