Costa Rican Chicken


Richard Garcia

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Pictured was our tasty lunch last week and in that plastic flask is a equal mixture of Teriyaki Sauce and fresh Orange Juice which I squirt on the chicken/meat around every 15 minutes or so which produces a very moist outcome.


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Richard Garcia

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Good idea Richard, THANKS!!!!!!

Do you really cook that much food for LUNCH? How many people do you feed?
Joan: Your Very Welcome or as they say down-here (Con Mucho Gusto!)

Also, this chicken grilling took place last Thursday, so, we packed some-up for my wife's son and the wife and I ate the final chicken last night. Here in Costa Rica we almost always buy our chicken from a small local dealership here in San Jose, Costa Rica. What is pictured are six(6) legs of a large chicken cut-in-half which makes a total of twelve(12) separate pieces of dark-meat Chicken which takes full advantage of the charcoal used for this cook and we enjoy some more chicken eats for the next few days. What we ate last Thursday was only three(3) pieces of chicken and our thirteen year old Ex-Street pup "Manchas" who has been with us for twelve(12) happy years ate part of this meal.


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Richard, I clicked on Costa Rica on your avitar to check out pictures of Costa Rica. Looks like Aleksandr took a heck of a lot of them. Did he miss anything? lol