Cool, we have maps


It used to be. Then the big housing boom hit mortgage money get REALLY easy and cheap and the riff raff started coming in. We used to be a pretty high end area (subdivision) but people who have come here have ruined it. Used to be able to not even have to lock the doors at night. Not's VERY sad
Believe me, I know what you mean.


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I take it that was a carryover for some of us when we put the pin on the tail for past smokedays maps?
Cool feature.


Jim Lampe

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Jim, guess you have your job cut out for you. lol I checked "nearby" and saw a lot of restaurants only 4 miles away.
ok, the sun is out today, i'll drive around taking pictures of stuff then submit them to Google Earth. ;)
Sure, plenty of good restaurants in the area.... more cows tho' 🐂


Chris, I just discovered something new on this site. I clicked on my city, then nearby, then restaurants, and when I clicked on the restaurants picture, more came up and I got to see what the inside of all these restaurants looked like. I know, like I said, this is probably what others have been doing for a long time, but it's all new to me. Having fun, thanks again. lol