Cooking Ideas for Oversized Pot & Lid ?


Neil Grant

Couldn't resist buying a used yard sale pot large enough for a child to bathe in. No basket insert, hanger, etc. Just pot and lid. Compared to typical 5 gal pail, I'd guess it's a 30 gallon pot. Wife rule # 77 is 'use it or lose it' so I must use it soon, else she'll get rid of it.

Recipes or hacks to use this thing ?


TVWBB Wizard
Sous Vide pot for doing briskets and other large items/quantities ? measure the diameter and see if it will fit a SJS or a JJ to make a MiniWSM ? Big ole batch of chili, gumbo, burgoo, brunswick stew ? Cook down some bones to make your own stocks ?

BTW, is it possible that you mean 30QTs ? 30 gallons is over half the size of a 55 gallon steel drum.

Neil Grant

No, not 30 quarts but good point.....relative to a 55 gallon drum, my new estimate is 20-25 gallons. I already have a standard turkey fryer & seafood steamer set up....and this pot is twice the size but has no perforated basket insert

Bob Correll

R.I.P. 3/31/2022
Yeah you said gallons, but my mind was thinking quarts.
We have an old 20 gallon stoneware crock, and it's big.


TVWBB Wizard
Wow, ok. 120qt pot. Just for grins and giggles, I'd check to see how it fits on a 22" kettle. You might have found yourself a stacker :)

Anne M.

I got some pots that size:
Ideal for curry or stew for a big party.
Or maybe you want to use it to clean the kettle or lid of a kettle?
Would make an awesome ash catcher :)
Small fish pond?