Competition meat


Dave R

Hi Donna, thanks for stopping by in addition to the articles you provide on the Slap Yo Daddy BBQ website.

First question I have: For the competitions you compete in, do you have to bring your own meat? If so, how much meat do you usually bring? Are there any competitions that provide the meat the teams use for smoking?

And one more question...
What happens to all of the left over meat that doesn't go to the judges?

Hi Dave,
Thank you for your questions. In California, I have only seen two competitions that would provide meat for you. The intent is to level the playing field, which I fully encourage. The first one was in Jack London Square in Oakland at the Eat Real Festival, where Chris Lily beat the pants off of all of us. We all were given cheap offsets and three meats and asked to cook in a very short time frame. The other contest is Sterling Ball's Guinea Pig which happens in February. For that, they give you the meats but you use your own cooker but can't use any electricity. All other contests I know of, ask that you bring your own meat.
I usually cook two pork butts, one brisket, three slabs of ribs and 16 thighs.
Leftovers are either given away at the contest if there is a charitable organization benefiting it, or we bring it home and give it to our friends and co-workers. My family is tired of it.