Colleen Rush

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Brian Moriarty

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While searching for information on an old cast iron Enterprise Sausage stuffer about a year ago I came across Colleen Rush's blog and her stuffer restoration, then checking out the cochon and sausage party in her hometown posts, I had told her I cooked on WSM's she mentioned at the time she was working with you on a book.

Gotta love help like that!

Gary Wiviott

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I could write thousands of words about Colleen's skill as a professional writer and culinarian, her generosity of spirit, good nature and the fact that without her efforts “Low & Slow” would have been chewier than a brisket left on the smoker for 5-days. Suffice to say, it was a lucky day when Colleen agreed to work with me on the book, luckier still she did not murder me after the 8-thousandth bad joke.

Colleen is also the author of the The Mere Mortal's Guide to Fine Dining, a fun to read and useful book to help one and all combat our inner 'elbow on the table.'

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