Clarified Butter


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This is butter!

I had two pounds of butter I either needed to use, freeze, clarify or turn into ghee.
There’s been several recipes lately that had clarified butter so I decided to go that route.
In the past I’ve done the skim the foam off the top method but saw this technique at Serious eats and decided to give it a whirl.
Worked out great. I didn’t have any cheese cloth when straining so used a coffee filter. Wish I had cheese cloth as the filter is so fine I takes forever for the liquid to run thru. As we all know oil is thicker than water!
Two pounds yielded a pint jar plus my butter bell and a 5 ounce yogurt container. Probably a pint and a half. Plus a bit more.
This was unsalted butter. Every recipe I’ve seen always uses unsalted. I’m sure that salted condensed down would be super salty. Which could be useful I guess .

I have several recipes I want to do that require clarified butter. Plus it’s really nice to use when cooking meats. The clarified butter has a higher smoke point than butter so it’s ideal for sautéing and basting meats.

Method here: