Chicken Shwarma - oven and skillet version



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You probably haven’t had it. I don’t know why. But you’re missing out.

Added extra cayenne pepper for some kick.

Going to oven roast half way, then slice then either wok or CI skillet it.

Serving with some fresh babaganoush I made last night. You probably aren’t eating that either. Hmmm. Maybe I’m jumping the shark here.


Convection roast at 400° for 12 mins


Fresh babaganoush


Halfway cooked. Next to the CI for a hard sear and crisping


Chopped and into the CI


Seared and into a serving dish

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Darryl - swazies

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If he had a cloudy craft beer beside his food in the picture then possibly.....:ROFLMAO:

Food looks really good, I find ethnic foods, especially something like that has to be spiced right for real enjoyment. Also usually very heavy on spice in that situation if I remember right...........


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Brett, I love chicken shwarma but I have only eaten it in restaurants. I have never tried to make it. My daughter got me hooked on it.
This is a very simple way to make it at home. Chicken was a combo of thighs and breasts. Flavor was spot on and a little hot.