Charcoal go anywhere

George Curtis

TVWBB Olympian
So saturday i went to my favorite second hand store. I dont go as much as i used to but i just felt this need to go. So go i went and it didnt take to long for me to spot it. A wood handled charcoal go anywhere. Not beat up much if at all, just put away wet you could say. Grate is rusted but usable after some good cleaning. Wood is faded but the words weber are clear. So some light sanding and then some outside coating of some sort. No need for staining. Vents are stuck but mostly from old grease so no biggy. This will be my 12th one ? And no, i didnt need it but i tried to walk away from it but it kept crying for me to take it home. 10.00 wasnt a bad price considering the wood is in good shape. Now for some elbow grease.

Jon Tofte

TVWBB Honor Circle
I have been on the lookout for a deal like that! I don't really need one, either, but...

Great find!


I might eventually pick up a go anywhere charcoal for my camping trips, ive given up on the gas version with the changes they made to it. Right now Im using a jumbo joe for camping which is my favorite grill but it takes up a little more space in the vehicle than the go anywhere would . I generally cook steaks, baked potatoes, corn, marinated chicken, hot dogs, burgers so there will be plenty of room for cooking for 2 people.

George Curtis

TVWBB Olympian
Depends on the situation but my go to is the go anywhere. But the smokey joe is fully capable of cooking whatever you need it to do. Course doing the can mod really enhances the sj. As an aside, when i use the sj i use coconut charcoal. Gives a nice smell and taste and burns much more evenly.