CGA Offset Plate


Richard in NS

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After seeing these on Aussi and European sites for indirect cooks, I decided to make one since I couldn’t buy one here in Canada. Took an old scrap piece of SS. A3B7FD6C-0A78-4EEB-9CAC-C8EFEFC103F9.jpeg

formed it to fit 2/3 of the grate area

then cut the grate to give me a small size to fit in the bottom if cooking a larger piece of meat or a larger size to fit on top. I can use both pieces to have the regular grate size. Both pieces will fit under the charcoal grate when transporting so I can store charcoal and accessories inside the CGA. It is not pretty but should work and it was free.



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Neat. I used a folded piece of thin ss that clips itself between the charcoal grids, so it’s full adjustable.

However, because it’s twin walled it seems to insulate the non charcoal side a little too much for indirect cooking (although probably ideal for longer cooks) so I’m redoing it with some perforated plate.