Butts and Ribs

I heard that only 10% of the population still drinks it.
Coors Light has and is my beer flavored sparkling water. Although I will drink real beer every now and then. Asahi super dry with sushi, for sure. Pacifico, Dos Equis. Tecate. Sierra Nevada.
Never enjoyed any light beer. MGD light was the only thing I could come close to stomaching. Anything Bud or Bud related all tastes like Clydesdale pee. I only drink real beer. Right now enjoying a New Glarus Brewery Two Women. They have an outstanding Pilsner as well that tastes very much like an imported German Brew I enjoy from Aldi but due to glass shortage have not been able to get. Wife likes her Spotted Cow
Sorry for the sidetrack, those butts look great, I love how the SmokeFire can handle 2 with zero problem.
Hope it all comes out good.

Scaffolds are no joke, number one injury in the trades is falls from elevated work surfaces, you’d be amazed what can happen from short falls. Hope he is ok.