Butt rub question


Mike Shook

I have over the years come up with a rub for pork I am very happy with. It includes a measured combo of two retail spice mixes to which I add turbinado sugar and paprika. This has kept me and my family happy with my Q for a long time. I have old friends moving back to town and since we can't yet congregate, I would love to welcome them home by handing them a pound or two of the best pork bbq in the state. (That would be mine, even if KCBS hasn't weighed in on that.) Sounds like a plan. BUT.... I was alerted by my dear wife that the female half of the couple has developed an allergic reaction to black pepper and white pepper in their time living in the bad lands. The reaction is bad enough that she can no longer eat in most restaurants. I guess that's what comes from moving away to a state that thinks barbecue is what you do to hamburgers. Anyway, I don't want my friend to become ill from eating my food, so I checked the retail spice mixes I use, and sure enough they both have black and/or white pepper in them.

So I need to improvise. I have a few weeks before they get back here. Can anyone suggest a pork rub recipe or retail mix they really like that does NOT have pepper in it? Thanks for any hints.
Make your own without pepper. Find out if paprika bothers her. And any other ingredient. I use a simple mix sometimes. Sugar brown/white, paprika, garlic, onion, celery seed, ground rosemary, and ginger. Or so.
Thanks. It is specifically the berry that the black and white pepper comes from, no problem with chili peppers. I'll play around a bit with the ingredients you suggest and see what happens. I notice you have no salt. I'm game to try it!