Brian O'Neal's Wooden Handles

Finally got around to installing mine...


Dude that cabinet is wicked cool!
Did you custom build it, or is everything retrofitted?
Kind of funny for me to see these wooden handles...I'm from Maine, and a few years ago when I went back to visit, my Brother-in-law, the production manager at a small wood products mill near my home town of Bryant Pond, Maine..well he had a whole kindling box full of Weber wooden handles, just like these...turns out they had the contract and were making them for Weber-Stephen. He got to take all the rejects. We waste no wood in Maine. I grabbed a couple for souvenirs, but that was years ago!
These are great. I put one on the lid becase the stock handle got too hot on come cooks. It still gets warm but you can deal with it.

If you're on the fence, buy.
That's really where this began. The plastic handles got so hot that I needed something better. Okay they look real cool too, but at the end of the day they actually perform better that the plastic.
send brian o'neal a pm and he will hook you up. I got one from him a couple of months ago for Ole Red and it is extremely nice!!
May take me a bit to get the side handles installed on the 22 WSM as kids' sports are killing me right now, but will get some pics.
Hi Brian, I'd like to buy a handle for the top lid of my OTG.
How much and do you take pay pal?

Hey Van, just to let ya know, ya need to just PM Brian and he will take good care of ya.
Van, just to a rule, members cannot conduct business, post prices, or take product orders through posts in this forum. Brian makes great handles, he'll take good care of you if you send him a Private Message...go to any of his posts in this message thread, click his name, and click Private Message.

How awesome do these handles look on the mini WSM and the Performer!!!! I can not stress how nice these handles are made guys. If you don't have some get ahold of Brian, they are so smooth and the Weber logo burnt into the handle is amazing. They feel so nice when you pick the lid up and will hold up a heck of a lot better than those plastic ones that are probably just gonna fade and crack! And if these do end up getting left out in the weather..... It'll take 10 mins to put a new coat of polyurethane on them to make em look brand new! But anyone who cares about their grill, and I'm sure that's everyone here would know better than to do that! ;)

Shout out to Brian though, these things are absolutely amazing. When I figure out a way to get a nice smooth coat of black paint on the tamale pot, this thing will be my biggest pride and joy no doubt. :)




Got my handles from Brian earlier this week and they are great!

Here's some preliminary shots of them in our basement. I'll get some better pics later once I put the handle on the performer outside.

I think they look and feel great on the mini wsm, full size wsm, and go anywhere (aka Lunch Box Weber).

Brian-- When you coming out with wood handles for the Q? ;)

Here's our go anywhere with 3 of Brian's beautiful handles and Craycort Cast iron Grates: