Bone-in Rib Eye with Carne Costa

I got this amazing Bone-in Rib Eye for 50% off. This guy was less then $8. Picked up some Carne Costa steak house seasoning from Oak Ridge this past week when I went to the BBQ store. This was my first time trying it. Seasoned it up and drizzled with EVOO. Let it sit for an hour then added another layer of seasoning and EVOO and let sit on other hour and onto the kettle. IMG_20200926_205254.jpg
Also prepped some bbq chicken and veggies in the CI. IMG_20200926_205238.jpg
And the steak is on.
4 mins and flipped. IMG_20200926_205128.jpg
And the full grill. IMG_20200926_205137.jpg
3 mins on the other side and off at 138 internal. IMG_20200926_205101.jpg
After a nice rest the first cut... perfection! IMG_20200926_205045.jpg
My side kickIMG_20200926_205024.jpg
Another shot before I cut it up and plated it. IMG_20200926_205009.jpg
And plated
So besides bbq my other love is coffee, and when I opened the Carne Costa it smelled of dark coffee and pepper. It was as good as you guys here have said, that was an amazing steak!
I was worried after the last steak (that I over cook) that my daughter was going to want her steaks more done then I, but twice today she has told me that the "coffee steak" I made last night was my best ever, and when was I going to make it again, so I think I am OK!