Bone in Pork Butt questions

Can you share your high heat details please.

Pit Temp?

Bone in or Boneless?

Wrap? Foil boat? leave it till the end?
It used to be called the " Kick *** " method for high heat butts or briskets.
It is very similar to the high heat brisket thread on here.
Put the butt in a disposable pan FC up ( I use BI butts)
Pit temp 300-325 for 2 hrs. or until I like the color.
Foil add a beer and back on till probe tender which usually takes a few more hours.
can get it done in 5 hrs. but I usually milk the start for more smoke and average 8-9hrs.

I leave the bone in. No need to try and cut it out when it pulls out clean.

I’m 50/50 on wrapping or not; depends on how many I am doing and whether I am cooking other things also. Temp is usually also fluctuating, like starting lower around 225-230 overnight, and may dial it up early morning depending on how things are looking. If I wrap I am using paper as opposed to foil; prefer it better. Nearly always done at least an hour; sometimes up to 4, before I need and will then wrap everything in foil and a towel to place in a cooler. The key is the finish temp for pulling. I will cook to 201-205 internal.