Blower is not working after years of function



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I used my heatermeter at Christmas and got it out this morning to smoke for Easter dinner. Everything worked fine in November, as it has for about five years, and there was no trauma (such as dropping, etc), but now it boots up, connects with WIFI, reports the temperatures just fine, but it does nothing with the blower or servos. I opened it up and ensured everything was firmly plugged together, have tried a different network cable, rebooting, and nothing.
I realize I may not get an answer for today, but does anyone have advice on how to troubleshoot what could be wrong?
I'm very much a novice with this sort of thing, but given the store is down and parts seem to be becoming extinct, I am very much wanting to try and fix it.
Thank you.
This might be a dumb question; do you have the latest HM and if you do, did you press the left button till the controls turned on?
Check your settings, and it could be just as simply what Gary posted.

If you still can't figure it out check for voltage on the Cat5 connector solder pads for blower, which should be up to 12v and servo5v
I find the same issue sometimes. I actually have corrosion on my connector....... That high quality china part im sure. Wiggling the cable around a little bit and unplugging it and plugging it back in tends to get it working. Probably need to replace the jack.... Mine tends to stay stored outside on the patio so it's exposed to humidity...
Just a update sort of on the issues..... Want to use mine the other day and it did not work at all. Replacing the cable it worked great. Cable connections are the problem, corroded it seems. No amount of wiggling and plugging got it to work. Probably not gold-plated......