Belt or Suspenders



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She works for them? Nice !
Great tools made in USA along with Vaughan.
That was my go to framing hammer, still have it hanging in the garage, sharp enuff to shave the hair off your arms.
Yep she's the assistant HR person there. Been there about 28 years. We're going to the old timers dinner in a few weeks LOL

Timothy F. Lewis

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When I worked at a regional department store the mens department always used the term trousers. I trained my manager in fine jewelry how to do his job, he had come in from suits. He was a really good guy and liked the tedium of the departmental hierarchy, I had NO truck with that hooey! He was one of the guys that reminded me that having the crotch lined in a suit would extend the life of a suit by years!

Larry D.

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Belt. I have never worn suspenders. Also, since jeans were mentioned in a couple of posts, I haven't worn jeans in years. I find cargo pants more comfortable and more practical.

Andy Kaminski

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I use a belt for regular pants.
As a retired steamfitter it’s hard not to wear bibs when I’m working around the house.
Light Dickies in the summer and Carhartts in the winter.
I normally wear board pants, tee shirt and sandals year round when I can get away with it.