Beef Ribs: Time or Temperature?

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Jason M. Park

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I have searched through the forum and recipes and have discovered that (to my surprise) beef ribs will take 6+ hours to cook properly. After cooking a few things, it seems to me that something that was not nearly as "meaty" as other things, would be approaching 185-190 degrees after about 4 hours.

I also didn't see much talk about a target temperature for the meat. One post mentioned 180, but no other mentions that I could find. So the big question is, what's more important when cooking beef ribs, the time on the smoker, or the internal temp?

Doug D

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I suppose it's fair to assume that any beef BBQ would require a higher final temp than pork to reach tenderness, but, with any ribs, I think it's hard to take a reliable thermometer reading. Physical appearance-- how far the meat pulls down the ends of the bones-- and the "tear test"-- how easily do two adjacent ribs pull away from each other-- are relied on far more often.

Dave S.

Jason, I smoked some beef ribs a couple weeks ago for three 1/2 hours at 240-260 that came out fantastic. I'm really suprised that you don't hear of more people cooking this beef rib cause it sure is good? The problem with the consistancy of this rib is when its cut off the roast.Some are cut too thin not leaving much meat between the bones. So really each one cooks differently then the next. So I'd say temperature control is key.I just normally cook em till they look right!


Rich G

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Here's how I did mine....

Beef Ribs

I happened to cook these on my ceramic cooker, but I don't know of any reason why the results would have been any different on my WSM. Oh, and I don't use temps on ribs since it seems too difficult to get an accurate reading because of their relative thinness (is that a word?)

Rich G.
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