Beef Plate Ribs


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I got a 18inch WSM a few weeks ago and love it. Chicken, chops, pork ribs have all been a huge hit. This past week I attempted beef plate ribs and wasn't sold on how they came out for the cost.

The flavor was good but the texture was off, almost like pot roast since the bones completely just slid off. I was looking for a little more bite. I wrapped them at 170 and pulled them off at 205. Thoughts on what may have went wrong?



Chris Allingham

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General consensus is to cook them to 195-205*F until fork tender. That's going to vary from one piece of meat to another, so maybe your particular ribs needed 195, not 205. Use internal temp as a general guide, but use a fork as the definitive test. Start fork testing earlier in your process.

Good luck! And welcome to the forum! :wsm:

Joe D - BBQ Joe

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Looks good to me. Plate ribs are unlike other ribs, more of a fork and knife meal than a rib you would pick up and chew on. I love the deep beef flavor. I cook to 200 or so. Really filling.