Beef kabobs


T Waite

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Someone posted about McCormick's marinade in a different thread and inspired me. Picked up 5lbs. of bottom roast and cut in to large irregular chunks. Couldn't find the McCormick's regular flavor so I settled on their Grill Mates Zesty. I figured it looked like Italian is. Pounded it for tenderness and marinated for about 8 hours.


Put some small golden potatoes in the oven to pre-roast them a bit. Cut up some fresh yellow squash, onions, added 'shrooms, small tomatoes, and whole small red/orange/yellow cored peppers.

Taking turns on the grill.


Made 20 skewers plus some leftovers.

Keeping warm over indirect heat on the gasser while the leftover bits of food cooked in a basket.


That's it. No picture of plated food, just wanted to eat!
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