BBQ in the snow


Harold C

TVWBB Member
Beef short ribs
Baby Back ribs
Pork Butt

Middle Georgia BBQ sauce
Middle Georgia guitar...

Full screen, high def will make you really, really hungry...

I had three racks in the Weber. Pork butts on the bottom rack. Baby backs on the middle rack. Beef short ribs on the top rack. I had plenty of room for more, but it was already a big mess of meat to cook. Enough to fill up my freezer for a while.

I have a local butcher shop that sells big fat meaty beef short ribs. Those things are unbelievably good slow cooked for 3 to 4 hours.

Other than the time it takes to portion and package everything at the end, it's no more work to load the the thing up

I never touched the charcoal on this cook other than to swish the ash handle around every couple of hours to knock some ash off.