bacon smoking temp


Dave O (Alaska)

so my pork belly is curing and should be ready to smoke this weekend.
What temperature do you smoke your belly to make bacon?
Mine is sliced into 2 inch thick pieces.

Well, I wouldn't have cut the belly, I prefer whole, but no matter. Me, I mini-Minion to start, add wood and load in, so the temps slowly trend up. By the time the cooker gets to 200-220 the bacon is out. I smoke to an internal of ~150˚.
I do a snake method. I line one layer of coals against the inside of the charcoal ring. I put them slightly end over end so they’re sure to catch and continue. I add a second layer on top of the first, then add my hunks of wood. Doing that with a full water pan of cold water, I can smoke the bacon at about 150*. I’ll smoke it at 150* grate temp for about 4 or 5 hours. Then, I’ll break up my snake, pile up the unspent coals on top of the burning ones and get it to about 200* at the grate. About an hour after that, the bacon hits 150* and I pull it.
I do 135 -180 , smoke until reach pasteurization time - temp, but not over 140. Usually end in upper 130s.

Slicing on meat slicer....end effects make crappy slices. More pieces of belly sliced....more crappy bacon shards you get.
I cut belly in half...

Smoked one yesterday, sliced it up and froze this morning. All except the 1.5 lbs we ate with breakfast
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