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Rich Dahl

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Looks like it might be the real deal. Barb and I would have to have another reason to do the 200 mile round trip, but if I was down there I would definitely give it a try. Be sure to post your thoughts on it if you do go.

Ethan G

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I only work about 2 miles from it. Unfortunately haven't made it there (1-2 hour wait to get in at lunch time on a weekday). But I've heard good things.

Kurt Neurauter

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I've been there once. I think they open at 11am and I arrived at 10:45. A well established line was already in place when I got there. I think we were able to get our order to go and leave by around 11:30. I ordered a combo of brisket and pulled pork - probably some of the best brisket I've ever had. Pulled pork was good as well, but I liked my homemade better. Next time I go will probably be a weekend day so I'm not stressed about getting back to work.

Al S.

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This is the real deal, guys. I have been there a few times and it is Amazing! Best brisket I have ever had yet; fabulous flavor & texture. Everthing else is awesome too. Only thing I haven't tried is the pecan pie. You people in Arizona owe it to yourself to try it! I love this place!


Chris Allingham

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Little Miss BBQ Sunnyslope
8901 N 7th St
Phoenix, AZ 85020

My wife and I made the trek during the evening rush hour from Scottsdale to North Phoenix to have dinner at Little Miss BBQ Sunnyslope. Let me cut to the chase and say that our patience was rewarded with some of the best barbecue we've tasted this side of Central Texas. I'm not kidding.

At the time of writing, this location is open Tues-Sat 4:00pm to 9:00pm or sold out and Sunday 10:00am to 3:00pm or sold out. A staff member said they're hoping to open this location for lunch soon and maybe offer to-go breakfast via a walk-up window. But for now, the Sunnyslope location is the place to go for dinner and the University Dr. location is the place to go for lunch Tues-Sat 11:00am to 4:00pm or sold out.

According to their website, LMB has its roots in competition barbecue, as is so often the case, but there's also a family connection to Austin, TX and inspiration is drawn from the world-class barbecue joints there.

We were lucky to find a short line on a Wednesday night around 5:30pm. The menu is simple: meat is sold by the pound, as a sandwich with one side, or as a plate with two sides. Meats include brisket sliced or chopped, pulled pork, spareribs, turkey, and house-made sausage. Pastrami brisket is available on Thursdays only and beef ribs on Fri/Sat only. Sides include beans, jalapeno cheddar grits, potato salad, coleslaw, roasted veggies, and mac & cheese. The sole dessert is an individual sized smoked pecan pie.

We ordered from the super-friendly guy at the counter: 1/2 lb sliced brisket lean & fatty, 1/2 lb turkey, 1 lb spareribs (4 bones), mac & cheese, pecan pie, and took our number to a table on the outdoor patio. After a short wait, another friendly guy delivered our order. All the meats were moist, tender, moderately smoky, and delicious. Thin tomato-based mild and spicy sauces were served on the side at the table, plus a mustard-based sauce. The m&c was very good, and the pie was lightly smoked and not overwhelmingly sweet.

About five minutes into our meal, I asked my wife if she'd eaten anything bad so far...the answer was an emphatic "No!"

Great food, friendly staff. Cocktails, local craft beers, wine, classic bottled sodas like Dr. Pepper made with cane sugar...I highly recommend a visit to Little Miss BBQ next time you're in Phoenix!

Here are some photos. Enjoy!


Little Miss BBQ sign in the Sunnyslope area of North Phoenix.


First thing you notice when approaching the building is the open pit room. Are those kettlebells being used as counterweights on the pit doors? Cool!


Massive wood-burning outdoor pit.


Sign announcing hours of operation and pointing the way to the entrance. Thankfully, no 2.5 hour line as is often the case.


A view of the outdoor pit from the front entrance.


Two more large J&R pits inside the restaurant. Serious smoking capacity!


Foiled pork butts awaiting transformation to pulled pork.


Short line at the order counter. I'm told the line is often out the front door and down the sidewalk. A stack of folding chairs at the entrance confirmed that fact.


Chris Allingham

Staff member

Meat is sliced to order in the service area.


A view of the indoor dining room and service area.


Staff preparing orders in the service area.


Outdoor patio where we ate our dinner.


Our order...pretty as a picture.


Moist brisket...delicious!


Mrs. TVWB loved the pork spareribs! No sauce required.


The smoked turkey breast was a big hit. I overheard several customers saying they really enjoyed it.


Three sauces served at the table. Also available for sale. I liked the house sauce best.


A real cane sugar Dr. Pepper for me, a coffee brown ale for Mrs. TVWB.


Chris Allingham

Staff member

Barely room for dessert...a precious little smoked pecan pie.


Lightly smoked, not cloyingly sweet. Perfect.


I think the two of us did pretty good to put away so much delicious barbecue!


Mrs. TVWB buys a souvenir t-shirt at the bar. She's not big on wearing logos, so when she buys your logo t-shirt you KNOW she's a satisfied customer!


Beverage menu at the bar.


Here's the front of the menu.


Here's the back of the menu.


Sunset from the outdoor patio...perfect ending to a perfect barbecue meal!

Glenn Baumgarth

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I'm a St. Louis guy stranded in Phoenix for the past 14 years and was constantly looking for BBQ up to par with what I experienced in St. Louis.

This is the best BBQ out here. I have enjoyed the University location but haven't been to Sunnyslope yet. The University location is a little bit of a longer wait because they only have one guy cutting the meat for customers. I've heard (and see from the pics) that the Sunnyslope location has a few more cutters to help the line flow a little faster.

A close second for me is a newer place called Caldwell County BBQ. The owner is a former pig farmer and founder of a chain called Waldo's BBQ that he eventually sold to partners because he thought he wanted to retire. Got bored in retirement and opened Caldwell County BBQ. 18324 E Nunneley Rd. Gilbert, AZ.

Hope to be able to enjoy these two places for years to come.

Thanks for the great review Chris!!!


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This place is the best. I will stack it up against anywhere else I’ve been.
The beans are fantastic and even better on Friday, because Thursday’s special is pastrami brisket and the Friday beans are used with Thursday’s trimmings

Rich Dahl

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Glad you rebooted this thread, I forgot all about it. My daughter is moving to Surprise in 2021 and that will be the excuse to go there.


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If you subscribe to The Athletic, there was a great story a little more than a year ago about a big-league pitcher (Tim Melville, who actually pitched in Taiwan last year) who worked at Little Miss BBQ because he loved the BBQ so much and he wanted to learn.