Anybody out there?

Timothy F. Lewis

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I’ve been on the road for part of the time but, I used a performer while I was on the road at my wife’s nieces place.
Did a 2.37 lb. boneless rib roast one night and spatchcocked a chicken for the second. She was happy to have us leave a ton of leftovers, sent a note saying she had not had to go to the store for the rest of that week!!
A little after we got home from the 2000 mile trip, I HAD to smoke a butt and good grief, it was really nice to do and turned out so well, I was happy!
Now, the temp has dropped like a friggin stone here (47 with 25-40 mph wind gusts) so, I’m Vortexing some wings, because.. well, just because!
What have you been up to Jan?
I’m getting an itch for BIG Beef too!
Just snagged a gasser rotisserie unit which will complete my arsenal,...for the time being!


TVWBB Hall of Fame
Went to my dad's this past Sunday. Made a classic Italian Sunday dinner, first course pasta (not just ANY pasta) mine was homemade fettuccine. I made the dough at home using a 50/50 mix of Granoro 00 and semolina flour done up in my giant 8qt Commercial KA mixer. Then took my pasta roller and fettuccine cutter to my dad's and used my mom's old KA mixer from the early 60's (an old K5A) to roll and cut the pasta at dad's. The ride there was the resting period for the dough.

Along with my own home made Sunday gravy in the Bolognese style. I cannot call it true Bolognese because true Bolognese would contain pork products (ground pork and finely chopped mortadella) but my wife will not/cannot eat pork due to an allergy in an enzyme in it. It would also have ground veal but for me that is very difficult to find so I use only ground beef and make a pestada of my veg (finely chopped celery, carrots, onion, 2 kinds of mushrooms) all is cooked with of course the other proper style and ingrediants. If it had the pork products and the veal it would be a true Bolognese.
The pasta course was followed by a nicely roasted giant hunk of ribeye on the bone. This was roasted low and slow with some nice added smoke on dad's Genesis 3000.
We ate like royalty. Even my brother in law (married to my recently deceased sister) and one of their sons showed up and truly enjoyed having a proper Sunday dinner and the our company and my dad's (sorry no photos of the slap o meat) was too busy doing indoor prep work.


I grill (on a Performer) three or four nights a week, until the end of November. It's so common for me, that nothing is worthy of posting! :)

Timothy F. Lewis

TVWBB Hall of Fame
Yeah, it’s a matter of course for me to fire the kettle four nights a week too!
I forgot to mention that the butt I smoked was an overnighter in wind and rain! I scrambled to sort out a cover and ended up shifting the big carriage around to get some cover using the umbrella. I’ve decided I need to put another umbrella holder on the front side for just such situations in future! That will be easy enough, 16” piece of PVC and a couple of hose clamps and I’m done!
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