Alternative Replacement Water Pan for 18.5" WSM

Jeff Boudman

Yes sir, but by all the discrepancies in Amazon product descriptions I’m not too surprised. I clicked on your link and ordered it from there. It’s not too deep but it’s 15” ID, and over 16” OD. This was actually the second time I’ve ordered this pan. A month or so ago I cancelled the order because it was on a slow boat from China. The wife found another SS mixing bowl on Amazon that was the right diameter this afternoon, but it was deep. I believe it was no more than half an inch shallower than the current OE Weber pan.

Hopefully we can find a solution for a better pan in the near future but I guess I’ll have to send back the 12” Dutch oven liners I ordered as well. I may wait a bit on that I suppose. I’m actually surprised that a BBQ Supply Co. or a BBQ Smoker Mods Co. hasn’t started selling a replacement pan that would be the perfect dimensions.
Thanks for the information.