Adding third grate??


TVWBB Super Fan
The description says 6" between grates.

I would think most could figure out how to add another grate for a lot less than $70.

$2 for 4 screws would do it.....

J Grotz

TVWBB Super Fan
No need for an expensive kit. Purchase a new lower grate. Then use long bolts, large washers and nuts to fasten it to your existing lower grate. They should be stainless because of the proximity to food. Here is a pic I found online:

I tried this years ago. I used a full size grate (unlike the set up in the picture) and located the bolts as close to the rim as possible. The set up is mostly useful for ribs and other thin foods. It is a real hassle to get food on and off of the stacked grates. I abandoned it when I bought a 22" WSM.

If I were to do it again. I would use the newer style handle grate (photo below) as the top of the two grate stack and an old style flat grate on the bottom. The handles would allow you to pull the two grate stack out easily. Combine it with a lid hinge, and you could really minimize the amount of time the cooker is open.