Ace red q1200

George Curtis

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Ok, saw a red q1200 at our brand new ace store. Cool. But when I felt the lid it almost felt like sandpaper. Rather rough. My question is, is this normal and how do you clean something like that ?


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I'm only three years into Weber products but you motivated me to walk to my five-month old black Q 1200 and pet it. She's rough, too. Is that not desirable?

Jon Tofte

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It is a cast aluminum hood with a mild textured finish, so it is going to be rough rather than silky smooth like a porcelain hood.


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I agree with Jon regarding the difference between a Genesis lid and a Q lid, but I have not seen one that I would call "rough" or use the word "sandpaper" to describe it.

George Curtis

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Well, the one I tried was not remotely close to smooth. Had sharpish ridges.
I see no reason more weber to put something like that out. Decline in quality ?

Richard in NS

I agree with George, it is like fine, fine sandpaper. The new QXXXX series does not have the smooth powder coating finish of the older QXXX ones. And the new rough finish on my Q3200 is extremely hard to clean compared to my old Q120 and Q220. I don't like it!

Jon, the older ones had a slightly pebbled powder coating but still smooth. it is not the same on the new ones.

The next time you are in the store, pet one like BFletcher said and see. :D