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These newsletters are provided for historical purposes only. They are copyright Weber-Stephen Products LLC. TVWB does not claim any rights to any intellectual property or product designs of Weber-Stephen Products LLC.

These newsletters contain information that is no longer current or valid. Products are described that no longer exist. Prices are shown that are no longer valid. Events are mentioned that occurred long ago. Prize contests and special offers are described that have expired. Please do not call Weber asking about the content shown in these newsletters!


Twenty-two issues of Grill Out Times, "the newsletter you can sink your teeth into", were published by Weber from 1995 to 2005. It was an 8.5" x 11", full-color newsletter, 4-12 pages in length. It was initially mailed to 200,000 registered Weber owners three or four times a year, but in 2000 it changed to a twice-a-year mailing. By the time GOT was discontinued in Spring 2005, it was being sent to almost 1.5 million Weber owners.


Each issue starts with an essay by Mike Kempster, Sr., Weber's Executive VP. Mike's usually writing about the grilling season ahead or recounting an interesting story from his long career with Weber. There are plenty of recipes, mostly drawn from and promoting the latest Weber cookbook, and seasonal articles on turkey for Thanksgiving and prime rib for Christmas. There we also articles on cleaning your Weber, how to build an indirect fire in your kettle, and lots of new product and accessories promotions.


And in a day and age before social media, before customers could reach-out to Weber on their Weber Nation website and on Facebook and Twitter, Grill Out Times was how Weber shared customer stories in feature articles and photos.

One of the best parts of Grill-Out Times is the whimsical artwork by Linda Kelen. My personal favorite is the winter scene in Fall 2000 Volume 6, Issue 2 where some fish are using the WSM like a bobsled and a couple of lobsters are riding on a Weber Summit gas grill! You can read more about Linda in this TVWBB thread and you can enjoy her artwork in the new-for-2014 cookbook Weber's Big Book of Burgers.

And if you're a vintage Weber fan, make sure to check-out Spring 2002 Volume 8, Issue 1 for Weber's 50th anniversary edition with great cartoons of some of the most iconic Weber vintage grills. How many vintage grills can you spot?

What's Missing?

Many of these newsletters originally included a small format product catalog that was glued onto one of the pages. You'll find an example as a bonus in Volume 10 Issue 1 - Spring 2004.

Viewing These Newsletters

The best way to view Grill-Out Times in Adobe Reader is in two page view. From the navigation menu, select "View -> Page Display -> Two Page View". That way, you'll see the wonderful artwork in it's entirely, like this:



I hope you enjoy reading these vintage Weber newsletters. They're a fun part of Weber's past, and much of the content is still relevant and useful today.

Have fun,


I want to offer a big TVWBB thank you to the people who made this collection possible.

  • Thanks to Eugene Apicella for providing the initial batch of eleven issues that got this collection started.
  • Thanks to Andy for providing seven issues including Volume 1 Issue 1.
  • Thanks to Walter Riley for providing one issue.
  • Thanks to James Stofle for providing the three issues needed to complete our collection, including the final newsletter Volume 11 Issue 1.

I don't think we're missing any issues at this point...but if you have something that you think we're missing, please contact us.
Hi! Just finished the last issue. Read them all in my spare time. Really enjoyed them and wanted to say thank you all! It was interesting learning the history of the Weber grills and seeing pictures of the many grills! Fun reading great info along the way. Thanks again good people!