A lot of pics are missing in older threads


Chris Allingham

Staff member
Just looking at the broken images in that post:
  • Clint's photos were linked into the post from Facebook and the URLs are no longer valid.
  • Len's photo was linked into the post from a website called Taste the 4th Sense and the URL is no longer valid.
This is a problem with linking photos into posts. The URLs become invalid when photos gets deleted OR a website gets deleted OR when a website is updated or renamed and they don't provide a redirect to the new URLs OR when a site no longer serves up embedded images, e.g. when Photobucket temporarily blocked images to forums when the owner didn't have a paid account.

Adding photo hosting to this forum went a long way to prevent this problem moving forward...but more old photos as well as links to old pages and sites will continue to break as URLs "age" with time.