49ers tacos!


Michael Richards

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Got some chicken and Picanha steak tacos cooking up on the Master Touch right now. If a double taco cook doesn't help the niners I don't know what can...

Jim Lampe

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Aaron Rodgers, please leave Green Bay.
You’re not needed here anymore
Denver loves you
Pittsburgh loves you
Even frisco loves you
Go away


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Good as Gould!!

As a Bears fan of 50 years I've been through way more bad than good, so it was really nice to see Robbie Gould come through for the 49ers. Just like they did with Kevin Butler, the Bears front office badly underestimated his expiration date.

Bruno, I hope you whipped up a 2nd batch of tacos for the post-game party!
Haha I had an awesome taco at half time and a lot of booze. What an amazing finish! I said to the wife as the punt was happening “let it go through his hand or have something weird happen!!”